Container Transportation

TEK Alliance offers our services to carry cargoes in containers by sea and trucks all over the world. Container transportation by sea is the best choice with underdeveloped road infrastructure. Container sea transport is less expensive but delivery time will be longer.

We provide the whole range of container transportation services from prompt supply of transport to required paperwork. We guarantee cargo delivery within set timeframe and to the specified point of delivery.

We carry out any operations with any containers such as:

• standard containers:

o 20ft standard container

o 40ft standard container

o 40ft high cube container (higher capacity)

o 45ft high cube container (higher capacity)

• Refrigerator container or reefer is a container with a thermally insulated PUR body equipped with a refrigerating unit which ensures temperature within reefers ranging from -25°С to +25°С. It is an ideal choice for storage of meat, fish, ice-cream, berries, fruit and other temperature-sensitive food.

• Isolated containers. A container of this type is widely used for commercial purposes, especially where a certain temperature is required for a long time .

• Ventilated containers are closed-type containers similar to a general-purpose container but specifically designed for transportation of cargoes that require natural or forced ventilation. •

• Open-top containers are containers very similar to general-purpose containers, except for absence of a hard cover replaced with a flexible expandable or detachable hood of canvas or plastic, or armoured plastic materials usually supported by backfolding or detachable roof beams. Such containers can be equipped with backfolding or detachable edge transverse elements above the edge doors.

• Flatrack containers:

o 20ft flatrack container

o 40ft flatrack container

• Platforms:

o 20ft platform

o 40ft platform

• Tanker containers

• Bulk containers

• Russian containers as per GOST 8477-79(3, 5, 20, and 24 tons)

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