Intraport Forwarding of Cargoes

Intraport forwarding process involves a large number of various operations. Our deep understanding of the forwarder’s actions with paperwork, knowledge of port and customs procedures ensures fast cargo clearance in ports.
Intraport forwarding services are offered by TEC Alliance at all main terminals of the Big Port of St. Petersburg. We have extensive forwarding experience and arrange multi-modal transportation that includes integrated use of onshore and offshore transport.
Intraport forwarding services offered by TEK Alliance
Currently intraport forwarding includes the following operations.

  • processing of information pertaining to cargoes to be delivered;
  • selection of the best terminal for processing of transported cargoes;
  • processing of shipping documentation and waybills from line and ship agents;
  • endorsement and obtaining of solutions and transhipment operations; storage of hazardous, heavy, and non-standard size cargoes;
  • timely professional paperwork required for intraport and intraterminal operations;
  • separation, elaboration, pallet placement, packing/unpacking, transhipment of cargoes into other transport and other loading/unloading operations;
  • surveyor and tally services;
  • search and weighing of cargoes, if required, also based on the regulators’ or the freight owners’ requests;
  • storage of cargoes that require certain temperature conditions in refrigerator storages in the Big Sea Port of St. Petersburg;
  • accumulation of batches at port terminals for export;
  • obtaining required permits for export from ship and line agents;
  • providing line agents with required container equipment (for container freight only);
  • receipt of transported cargoes from terminals;
  • goods shipment control;
  • timely receipt, verification, and settlement of terminal invoices for completed work scope and storage above standard period;
  • development and implementation of customized technologies for loading and handling of cargoes (varies depending on the customers’ demands);

TEK Alliance collaborates with major container and ferry lines represented in the Northwest of Russia under long-term contracts. This secures intraport forwarding within the established deadlines with invariably high quality of service.

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