Surveyor Services

Surveying of cargoes

  • Pre-loading inspection of cargoes (quality, quantity, storage conditions, package/crate integrity checks and check of cargo compliance with the transportation conditions);
  • Loading/unloading monitoring over the entire chain (quality/quantity control) ;
  • Load and count (count of goods/cargoes/vehicles);
  • Control of cargo layout, placement, and fastening in vehicles (calculation of fasteners and separators, consultations regarding a fastening method, supervision of correct fastening of cargoes to meet safety requirements and consultations on transportation modes);
  • Installation, removal and integrity control of seals;

Dear customers,

OOO TEK Alliance provides the following surveyor services:

  • Surveyor services during loading of rail cars at railways stations and in St. Petersburg ports;
  • Surveyor services in St. Petersburg warehouses (expert examination, temperature control, quantity of packages, identification of damages, weight control, photographing, and reporting);
  • Responsibility for the number of packages upon acceptance/delivery

OOO TEK Alliance provides surveyor services (inspection) of cargoes and vehicles including independent inspection (as a third party) of cargo condition, count, certification of vehicle condition followed by provision of surveyor’s reports (expert examination certificates) required to resolve disputes between transportation parties.

Currently a greater focus is placed on transportation safety and security of cargoes which is a desirable option for freight owners and all transportation parties, including insurers.

Surveyor inspection of cargoes:

  • pre-loading survey of cargoes (quality and quantity control, inspection of packaging and labelling before loading on-board),
  • loading survey (quality and quantity control, inspection of packaging and labelling of cargo while loaded on-board),
  • unloading survey (quality and quantity control, inspection of packaging and labelling of cargo while unloaded),
  • cargo packaging control,
  • survey of cargo fastening quality and compliance with the  safety requirements,
  • cargo labelling survey,
  • cargo labelling,
  • stowage survey,
  • determination of temperature conditions and quality of refrigerated cargoes,
  • cargo sampling,

*Tally services (cargo count): tally count is required to determine a number of packages during loading and unloading. The Company employs highly qualified tallymen responsible for tally count. Customers receive Daily Tally Reports containing quantitative details, weight, and brief description of cargoes and the end of cargo operations – Final tally statement and Tally report.

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